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I have a quick haul post for you today. I bought most of this the day Fabulous Felines (FF) collection officially released. So yes, this post is sort of kind of really late.. It's been THAT busy. Work has seriously been kicking my ass lately so that I'm so dead tired by the time I get home that I can barely do anything lol. I started writing this before I got my Venomous Villains (VV) haul, but I couldn't finish it until.. after I posted my VV haul AND after I got my Tartan Tale haul. -_- Lighting has been utter crap as of late. Also, after I finished writing a chunk of this post, Google decided that I've been logged in long enough and logged me out of Blogger without actually saving my changes. Sigh~ Sorry, I'll stop whining. On with the show!

My initial impression of the collection was ambivalence. I didn't think there was anything I particularly wanted until I scooted over to Temptalia. Based on her swatches, I chose a few items to check out. When I got to the actual display, I actually purchased a few more items than I had originally intended (BF wasn't there to be the voice of my conscience mwahaha. I love shopping with my favorite coworker at lunch!). I skipped the eyeshadow palettes. A couple colors within each palette were appealing, but as a whole, no palette really held my attention.

I only have a few MSF's and Mineralized Blushes from MAC, but each has performed amazingly for me. Pigmentation, color, smoothness, all spot on. So it was no surprise that Pet Me would grab my attention. I was going to skip it at first based on the fact that I have a grip of blushes I really should use up, but once again.. resistance was futile. Don't ask me why there are lines in the product photo above.. I have no idea. I have been using it a lot though.

I didn't get Utterly Game with the first FF haul because at the time I thought I wouldn't like it. I tend to shy away from cheek/lip colors that don't have enough pink, but after looking at more swatches on other blogs, I totally regretted it. Most stores had sold out of it by the time I realized I wanted it, but Nordstrom's still had it available for purchase online. Since I was trying my luck getting VV's My Dark Desire (also said available at the time), I thought why not. I'm happy I tried because I got it! :D Had to ship all the way from NJ, but I got it!!! Utterly Game only.. Nordstrom emailed me saying My Dark Desire was sold out so they canceled my order. :( @Nordstrom, why would you get my hopes up like that?? WHY? QQ

Pet Me, Please is a frost-finish lipstick. After buying a couple frosty NARS lipsticks that I really shouldn't have (because they looked so pretty in the tube but not on my lips), I thought I swore off frosty finish lipsticks forever. But I thought Pet Me, Please was so pretty that I couldn't help it.

I swatched everything rather heavily here. Should have done sheered out swatches for the blushes, but the light was fading for photos lol.

Wow I suck. I forgot to edit this caption.. lol!! AHEM..

The bulk of my purchase were the Superslick Liquid Eye Liners. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm a giant liquid eye liner n00b so I was very leery about these. I read all these reviews that said it took too long to dry after application. I'm really impatient (and usually strapped for time in the morning) so the thought of having to wait up to five minutes for eye liner to dry was maddening. But thanks to the MA who assured me that all you need was 30 seconds (was true! He demo'd it on my coworker), I was sold. I bought one of almost every color lol. Removal is the best part for these. The liner flakes off instead of smearing and making a giant panda eye mess.

That concludes my FF haul. Happy Thanksgiving, all! Remember to wake up early for all those nice Black Friday deals! I SWEAR! After these sales I'm done shopping! ..... for 2010. :3

    • Blair
    • November 30, 2010 at 1:10 AM

    Frosty lipsticks look terrible on me as well =[

    How was your Thanksgiving sweetie? And please do share your Black Friday haul!! =DD

  1. i think the utterly game is really pretty. i'm glad you got it ^^ also like the pet me please lippie it's so frosty.

    btw, check out my holiday giveaway at http://www.fruitylashes.com/fruity-lashes-holiday-giveaway-1145/

    • reene
    • December 2, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    @Blair, Thanksgiving was uneventful as usual, but thank you for asking. ^^ I plan on sharing my haul! As.. soon as I have the time/light to take non-sucky pictures.

    @Fruity, Thanks for telling me about your giveaway! I some how missed it. o-O Utterly Game is surprisingly pretty. I don't use it as much as Pet Me (maybe you can tell lol), but I love it too.

  2. oh wow the eyeliners look great. the purple and blue ones look beautiful! utterly game is my fav out of there wana try it now haha~ x

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