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review: rescue beauty lounge nail polish in starfish-patrick

I'm a very low-key nail girl. My girlfriends think I'm a strange creature because I've only gotten a manicure once in my life. I just never had the need since I played piano for most of my young life. When I got older, I had chem labs with acetone to worry about. This results with me being in my late 20's and unable to wield a friggin' nail file. I only know how to cut my nails short.. and I do mean SHORT. Only a sliver of white showing. I'm clueless on how to shape my nails, and I gave up trying a while ago. Also, I'm just plain lazy, but if I weren't so lazy and in New York, I'd definitely go to Rescue Beauty Lounge to hang with Ji (while having my nails done obvi). However, since I am geographically challenged, I did the next best thing.. bought her stuff online! Like always, I'm late to the party so other bloggers have already ooh'd and ahh'd at RBL polishes so I'll make this post quick.

I had been staring at RBL's site for some time. It seems like I do this often for things I can't see/touch before I buy. I finally bit the bullet and bought quite a few polishes. For the moment, my favorite of the RBL polishes I bought is Starfish-Patrick, which is why I chose to try it first. It's got that adorable kinda juicy soft peachy-pink thing going on. Ji's description of "if your nails could blush" is dead-on. I only went with one coat of polish (because I am lazy and impatient) so the nail line is still visible, which does not bother me, but go for two coats if you want more opacity. I used the RBL Treatment Set with this polish, but I want to save talking about the set for another post because I want to see how it plays with other polishes first. The consistency of Starfish-Patrick was just right. It wasn't overly thin or gloopy, making for easy application. Drying time is decent as well with the RBL top coat, but not as quickly as I'm used to with the Seche Vite top coat. These photos were taken maybe a day after application. It's now been about a week with very minor tip wear despite the abuse my nails get from my day to day. In terms of price, RBL is kinda in the high-end range at $18US each (compare to Chanel at $25US), but I think it's worth it for the quality. Do I like RBL more than my favorite Chanel polishes? I don't know if I'm ready to say that. It's pretty high on the list so far though!

To close, here is a picture of my new RBL polish army sans Starfish-Patrick and the Treatment Set.

review: rouge bunny rouge eyeshadows

Pardon the dust on the boxes. Not quite sure how they got so dingy looking.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a high quality Russian cosmetics brand. I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying most of their products as they are only available to me via Zuneta and are expensive, but I think I found a new brand to love. I got my Zuneta haul in January and started this post in March. I just never finished it until recently (because I'm a total slacker like that). A lot of posts have been made on RBR lately so my post will probably be boring.

RBR's most popular product (judging by the number of posts on beauty blogs I've seen) is their eyeshadows. So that is where I started. Zuneta had a sale code at the time so I took this opportunity to buy a few things, which I will get to in future posts.

Solstice Halcyon is kind of a darker beige-taupe (if that even makes sense..) to my eye. I'm really awful at describing colors so I don't know why I try sometimes. Hopefully you'll see what I mean through my photos. Zuneta describes it as a "semi-matte mauve beige". This is one of my go-to neutrals appropriate for work or for when I don't feel like trying too hard.

Delicate Hummingbird is a gorgeous color. It's somewhere between purple and taupe (at least to me). Zuneta describes this color as a "cold, dusky sugar-frosted plum iridescent with pink shimmer". I don't really think it is shimmery, but it does have a pretty sheen. This was the shadow that drew me to RBR in the first place. I obsessed over it a little bit like how I did for LMdB's Corinthian. And like Corinthian, I adore the color, but I find myself not reaching for it as much as a softer neutral like Solstice Halcyon or LMdB's Jojo.

Both shadows are pigmented and smooth. I always have to use an eyelid primer because of my oily lids, so I can't speak for their claim of "extended 8-hour wear". But I personally get over 10 hours of no-creasing with a primer like UDPP. The packaging is simple, yet whimsical. At the price of about $28US, RBR shadows are not cheap. However, I think they live up to the hype and are thus worthwhile to get. The only bad thing about these shadows is how difficult they are to find and purchase. I like Zuneta a lot, but I wish I could easily find RBR at Sephora to play with.

Are you tired of my eyeshadow reviews yet? I promise I'll have other things to blog about. Although.. I really do love eyeshadows..

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