about the blog: This is my blog where I can obsess about girlie things. I will focus primarily on reviewing beauty products. I find that I tend to gravitate more towards high-end brands (some Asian). Not trying to be snobby, it just happens to work out that way.

about me: I'm Becca. Reene is my online handle. I'm Chinese, currently living in southern California. I work in a corporate office so I'm an OL! I like my privacy, and I'm insanely camera shy so you probably won't see many pictures of me if any at all. As you can probably tell, I adore makeup. I have an unhealthy obsession with taupes (I love almost all forms of it: true or not). I like fashion as well, but my money just happens to funnel itself towards more towards makeup.

about my skin: I have light skin with slight yellow undertones (approximately NC20). My skin is combination: dry on cheek areas and oily in the T-zone. My breakouts (usually hormonal or from stress) tend to occur on my T-zone, especially my chin (although sometimes my forehead is a war zone too.. sigh~). My skin is not bad, but not perfect by any means. I tan super freakin' easily and that pisses me off. Other issues include some redness, broken capillaries, and a bit of acne scaring. My priorities in skincare are: whitening/brightening, anti-blemish, then anti-aging.

about my hair: I have long straight dark brown hair with layers. My natural color is dark brown. My hair is of medium thickness that tends to get oily at the end of the day. I could technically go a day without shampooing, but I don't like it when my hair gets too oily so I shampoo daily.

disclaimer: I'm really just a nobody. I am not by any means a writer, a photographer, a dermatologist, or a makeup artist. I just love makeup and sharing with others who love it too. I am always learning. I do not pretend to know everything or anything. I'm a n00b :P. Everyone has unique skin, coloring, and preferences. Products that work for me or that I like may not have the same effect on someone else. Please be advised that my camera does not always do a good job of accurately depicting colors. Take what you see with a grain of salt. A general note about my photos, they are all untouched. All I do is resize/crop, label, and slap on my watermark. Despite the craptacular photos, do not steal them or link to them. Do not alter my photos for your own purpose. Likewise for my writing. Please do not repost any of my content without my permission. THAT IS STEALING.

disclosure: I am not affiliated with any brand or any store I review on this blog. I am not paid to write or to review anything. This blog will always convey my honest opinions of products I have tried. Promise! I purchased all products I review on this blog with my own money unless noted. If I ever do accept an offer to review an item provided by a company/store, I will make note of it in the post for full disclosure (not to show off that I got something for free). The fact that something was free to me will never color my review. I'll only accept products that I think I'll like and that I can actually use, but I am under no obligation to give a positive review.

about the blog layout: I didn't make this layout/theme. It is a free template I found (which is linked in the footer). I edited the code a little, but it's mostly as is. The profile picture is of my own design. Even though it's tiny and crappy, please don't steal/copy. Eventually I'll personalize this blog more, but for now I'm keeping it simple (in other words, I'm a lazy bum :D).

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