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review: dr. jart+ silver label rejuvenating bb cream spf35 pa++

Korean actresses always look so flawless. So when it became known that one of their secrets was BB cream, Asian women went crazy for it hoping that they too could have flawless skin. Korean BB cream has for the last few years been touted as the end-all and be-all of all base makeup in Asia. Most are marketed as supposedly multitasking products that provide skincare benefits such as anti-aging and whitening, SPF, hydration, and good coverage all which can be had for a rather decent price (this can vary greatly as I've seen one for over $100US, but I've seen some for as low as $20US). There are so many brands to choose from in Korea, each brand making a plethora of different BB creams that promise to do different things. I won't go too much detail on the product genre as there is already so much information out there reported by other wonderful beauty bloggers especially since I have not tried many BB creams: a mere six. I treat BB cream like any other base makeup. I still make sure I moisturize, and if the provided SPF is less than 30 I will apply my own separate sunscreen before I apply the BB cream. I make sure I remove every last bit of it from my face before I go to bed.

The rest of the world is starting to jump on the popular BB cream bandwagon. A few Japanese companies like Kanebo have come out with their versions of BB cream. Western companies like MAC, Dior, Lancome, and Boscia have as well. I've been intrigued by the idea of western brands doing their own take on BB creams, and I hope to be able to try them out some day. Dr. Jart+ is actually a Korean brand that made the jump over to the US with two of their BB creams. The one I am reviewing is NOT available at Sephora. I bought the Silver Label BB cream (50ml) for $38US at a little local store called Cosmeland (if you are in SoCal, it is inside the Puente Hills Mall. I know. Random, right?). They do have an online site, which I haven't looked around much or bought from. It's far easier to go to the actual store for me. There may be other online stores that might sell it for a little less. I just checked, and they sell it for the same price.

The color of the packaging corresponds to its name. It has nice and simple packaging overall. The squeeze tube is very convenient for dispensing product. I prefer it this way as with a pump I tend to get more product than I can use so I feel more wasteful.

The Dr. Jart+ Silver Label BB cream embodies most of the features I expect out of a Korean BB cream. It's a medium to high coverage cream with a semi-matte finish. The texture is kind of thick, but a little goes a long way. I use maybe a small pea-sized amount for my whole face, blending it into areas that I think need the most help first. It evens out my redness quite well, conceals my broken capillaries, and brightens my skin tone a bit. I usually don't try to conceal zits because I feel it only makes it worse when I do. It helps my under-eye area, but I don't think it can replace a good under-eye concealer. It has 35 SPF PA++, which I think is good enough if I'm just going to work. This BB cream is supposed to help control oil, but I'm not sure if I can say it's super effective at that. I have an oily T-zone that will get oily no matter what I use after a few hours. But at least I can say that this doesn't make it worse. I blot my chin and T-zone at around 4-5 hours after initial application in the morning.

Three swatches of it in this photo (all with approximately the same amount of product). First is an unblended dollop, second is spread thinly to show texture, and the third is completely blended into the skin (it's difficult to see, but it's there!).

I can't speak for the skincare benefits it promises such as whitening and anti-aging. I simply haven't used it long enough, but I'm going to venture a guess that I won't notice much of a difference. Like many Korean BB creams, it comes in only one color, which I think can work for NC15/20 (not sure if it will work for someone darker than that). It looks a little dark in the unblended swatches on my skin, but as you can see in the photo above, it blends into my skin quite well. I have not found this BB cream to oxidize on me, which is great cause nothing says sexy like an orange face with pale arms and legs amirite?!

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I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm just getting burnt out from work (work + commute really.. I lump those two together because I carpool with a kindhearted yet extremely irritating coworker. He has always been kind to me, but 2-3 hours in traffic with him is most definitely work). I don't know how some bloggers are able to juggle work, working out, kids, pets, significant others, social networking, and blog regularly! I don't have all those things, and I still can't handle it! You are all so amazing! :) When I get home from work, I'm just exhausted. My brain is too numb from dealing with impossibly stupid asshats all day. Sometimes I wonder if maybe blogging just isn't for me, or if I should just suspend blogging until I actually had time and energy for it. I suppose you can say I'm on hiatus for now until I decide. Thank you for being patient with me. I'll be around on Twitter once in a while, and I will try to keep up on reading all the wonderful beauty blogs I follow because you know.. you can't keep me away from makeup. NO WAY NO HOW! ♥

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