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I'm full of fail. I knew my self-ban on buying more makeup wouldn't last a month. Work really kicked my ass the last couple of weeks. I needed the retail therapy super badly. No vacation left this year to get away for a bit, so.. shopping! It's never a good idea to blow steam by spending cash (it's not like I have that much cash to spend lol), but it makes me happy. I did some damage this weekend (but I said no to Dior AND Bobbi Brown holiday palettes! patting self on back), which I will post about soon! (Maybe after I can get my damn MAC FF haul post out..)

I haven't done my Sephora F&F purchase yet because I'm still mulling over what to buy. Friday night I added a crap ton of stuff to my Shopping List thinking I was going to do a massive haul. Yesterday, I went to a Sephora just to see if the things I had my eye on were must-haves. Sadly, I have to say that none of them were. But I did manage to find a couple things not originally on my list that I will order for the Sephora F&F!

The Illamasqua polishes surprised me. I've seen them before in Sephora, but I've never tried them out for some reason. I was intrigued by AllLaqueredUp's swatches of Scarab and Viridian, but I didn't think much about it until I passed the display on my way out of Sephora. Most of the polish tester bottles were a mangled mess (I really hate how inconsiderate some shoppers are when they leave stuff wherever or however at Sephora.. sometimes jamming lipsticks swiveled all the way up into the display holders or lids.. ugh. Sorry that's a rant for another day), but I found Scarab and Veridian surprisingly untouched. They are total stunners in the bottle. What's surprising is that I'm not a red or green polish girl! I think I own one red polish, and I only have it because it was part of a set I bought. Scarab is a gorgeous burnt burgundy: dark yet not vampy (for me anyway). Veridian is a beautiful peacock green, a color that I really didn't think I'd like. The best thing about these polishes are that they apply soooooo smoothly. No streaks, great opacity in one coat, beautiful.. These are in my cart now. ^^ (happy dance)

Swatches of the Illamasqua polishes I tried out. Please excuse my crappy polish application and photography. I was rushing to take them before my camera battery died lol.

Before I leave you all, I wanted to share a Paul & Joe freebie that came with a Japanese magazine (initially heard about the freebie from Rouge Deluxe, thanks Haru!! :D):

The girl on the cover is singer and ultra かわいい Ayumi Hamasaki ^^. I got the magazine for $14 at a bookstore inside Mitsuwa. I really like the makeup pouches, but their sizes aren't too great for me. The large one is too big to bring to work, the small one is too small (won't fit all my makeup junk). Nonetheless, the pattern is really adorable.

Monday comes too fast. Time to go back to work.. sigh.

    • Diane
    • October 25, 2010 at 6:46 AM

    I felt the same way about the Sephora sale. I also had my basket filled then emptied it. Why is all year I want stuff then as soon as the sale hits I realize I don't really NEED anything? Love the P&J pouch, so cute, I love that fabric.

    • Blair
    • October 31, 2010 at 12:26 AM

    I need to check Kinokuniya out, I'm so behind on Japanese magazines and mooks. Yah, I buy them for the GWPs hahaha xD

    Love that P&J print!! It is so cheery!

    Have you made your Sephora FF order?

    RYC, definitely check Pink or Peach Stripe out, I think I shall get one of them soon =D

    • reene
    • October 31, 2010 at 8:10 AM

    @Diane and Blair: I made my order finally lol. Now contemplating a second order.. :x I went to Sephora again, and rechecked some things. Now I want them again. Argh..

    @Blair: I've tried really hard not to buy Japanese magazines since my grasp of the language is so very limited. This is the first one I bought, and I only got it because of the GWP.. lol. The magazine itself is really thick and gorgeous to look at though! About Canmake, I think I will definitely get Pink Stripe eventually, but after I get all those cream cheek blushes first! So cute. ^^

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