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I meant to get my MAC Fabulous Felines haul post done before I did my Venomous Villains, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures and swatching. So on VV release day (because I wasn't special enough to get an invite to a pre-release party and I was trying to avoid ordering online), I went to the Macy's near work thinking it would be "safer" from the hordes of rabid makeup-collecting women. Delusional.. No store is safe when something like Bad Fairy is on the shelves. MAC, why did you only send tiny stocks to stores?? I went to two stores total and both told me that they only received shipments of less than 10. Am I the only one not loving it when they do that? It's in my blood to be attracted to "limited edition" things, but this is ridiculous. Sigh~ I tell myself, "Get over it, it's just makeup!" But my heart cries, "But but.. it's so purty! ;-;" -_-.

I really like the packaging of this collection with the sketchy character art on the boxes. I kind of wish that was on the actual product itself instead of the colorful print. It's not really my taste, but eh to each their own. So here is what I managed to snag.

From the Evil Queen collection, Bite of an Apple Blush is a bright coral with a matte finish. My coworker flipped out at this blush because it was so bright in the pan. She thought I was insane for buying it lol. Truthfully, it is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to try something different.

From the Evil Queen collection, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder is soft pink with a slight satin finish.

Sigh I suck at swatches. Light was fading when I got to them so sorry about that. I haven't worn Bite of an Apple yet, but I have worn Oh So Fair as a blush. Worn sheerly, it gave my cheeks a healthy "glow from within" quality that doesn't scream "I'M WEARING BLUSH!".

The SA forgot to ring up My Dark Magic too even though they had it. :( I got She Who Dares at least, but I wanted My Dark Magic more because the purple color seemed amazing.

From the Maleficent collection, She Who Dares Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo. Blue side has blue shimmer over a black-blue base. Green side has green shimmer over a black-green base. So beautiful in the pan..

From the Dr. Facilier collection, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick is a brown-taupe with bronze glitter.

I forgot to apply a base on first so She Who Dares looks more sheer in the swatch. One of my favorite items I got is the French Quarter Greasepaint Stick. I know the tips of Greasepaint Sticks are a bit thick for use as an eye liner, but I prefer it as an eye liner. As a dark base or overall eye shadow color, they are.. well too dark for me for day. I adore this color, and it lasted all day with no smearing (amazing for my oily lids.. lol)! My only complaint is that I get a bit of fallout after initial application (little dark crumbles of product plus some stray shimmers). Not a big deal as long as I don't accidentally smear them before the product sets.

I was undecided on whether I should get any of the lip products. Originally, I had decided not to, but these looked so pretty in the tube.. lol. I couldn't resist. These are my first MAC lipglosses!

From the Cruella de Vil collection, Devilishly Stylish Lipglass, and from the Evil Queen collection, Strange Potion Lipglass. Temptalia's swatch of Strange Potion was so gorgeous on her I was hoping it would do something similar on my own, but alas I think my lips are too pigmented. The texture of these glosses is stickier than I'd like, but it's still wearable.

Sorry about the pictures. I tried to take them as soon as I got home, but my camera battery decided to die part way through swatching.. -_- You can probably see the huge difference in coloring since I finished up with my iPhone camera as the last rays of sunlight disappeared (my arm looks pink lol). Anyway, I'm working on more posts! Hoping to get them done before the weekend is over. ^^ Okay I'm dead tired. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Thanks for sharing your haul! I ended up getting Strange Potion too.

    • Blair
    • October 3, 2010 at 12:27 AM

    Oh So Fair looks wonderful! Is it pigmented?

    • reene
    • October 3, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    @Stephanie, I bet Strange Potion looks great on you! I have to experiment with layering it to see if I can get it show up more on me. Thank you for stopping by. ^^

    @Blair, Oh So Fair is even prettier in person I think. Cute color! It's pigmented so I wear it sheerly as a blush. Don't think it would work for me as an all over face color. I'd end up looking too pink lol. Thanks for visiting! I updated! I know.. slow! But I'm trying!

    • MEOW
    • October 3, 2010 at 12:19 PM

    oooohhh.... thanks for sharing!!
    I cant wait till i go home next week so i can see the collection myself :D I think im loving the OH SO FAIR beauty powder :D

  2. Aww, now I'm sad I missed Oh So Fair, haha.

    • Jenny
    • October 5, 2010 at 8:24 PM

    i wasn't so convinced about this collection but after seeing your pictures i really like some of the items you picked out! need to stop by a counter and see whats left! :)

  3. those are really cute! i especially love the concept of evil characters.

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