review: lunasol nail finish color - shiny sheer pink

Let me say first that I am as much a n00b with my nails as I am with eye makeup (ya that's as n00b as you can get haha). I've never really done a lot with my nails before. In high school, I was not allowed to paint my nails (or wear makeup.. story for another day). In college, I had chem labs that required rinsing glassware (flasks, test tubes, beakers, etc) with acetone, which ate up any polish I had on so I didn't bother any more. This is just an FYI.. so maybe you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for the terrible state of my nails you're going to see every time I post a picture. By the way, I've gotten a manicure only once in my life haha. Most of my girlfriends are ashamed of me ;-;. But I tell myself that I'd rather spend the money on makeup! Please ignore the cuticles.. :x

I purchased Lunasol Shining Sheer Pink a while ago. It is by far my most favorite nail polish. It's the most forgiving one I own since it's so packed with glitters (it's never going to be smooth). I think it was meant to go over other polishes since it's so sheer, like a jelly polish (??). I know a lot of people prefer completely opaque polish on their nails (to obscure the nail line), but I don't mind sheer polishes.

Even if I apply 2-3 coats of this polish, my nail line is still quite visible as you can see in the photos. The color in my pictures gets a little washed out so it looks like the polish doesn't even show up on my nails aside from the glitters. It dries pretty quickly, which is important to me because I'm impatient like that. Like most glitter polishes, the glitters are difficult to remove. I know this is a no-no, but I'm far too lazy to apply base coat and top coat when I wear nail polishes. It takes too much time! But that's what makes me love this polish even more! I can wear it for around a week before I start to see it chip. In the photos, the polish on my nails have some chipping at the tips from about a week's worth of wear, but it's not too noticeable. I love this polish, and will most likely purchase a backup as well as other colors with the "Shiny" modifier.

I purchased this particular polish from Wonderful store for Japanese cosmetics! :D

  1. that's a pretty shade :) thanks for dropping by. you should definitely give angelika a try, its really a no brainer blush for everyday
    ! :)

    • Jess
    • August 25, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    Oh, this nail polish looks sooo good on you! What cuticles are you talking of? Your nails are perfect!

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