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I love Swarovski crystals: they have lots of beautiful sparkle without being overly expensive. I would rather spend my money on makeup than diamonds. :x I can't live without bling though haha so Swarovski jewelry is an awesome compromise. I've bought necklaces from DSK Jewelry (Steph) before. I especially love my PH (Purple Haze) heart + Golden Shadow (? I forget its name but it's such a pretty color) Pegasus.. I bought another PH heart and gave it to a coworker, which I TOTALLY regret now. :( I've always drooled after Steph's Everything Bracelets because they're so intricate and.. well shiny haha. However, I was never able to buy them. By the time I decide to buy one, it has already sold (FML). You snooze you lose I guess. Not this time mwahaha! I finally scored my first Everything Bracelet (August's Everything Bracelet)! ^^v! Not only that but it's one of the newer ones that has the little ID charm (pictured above.. isn't it adorable??).

Ya, not going to be a hand model any time soon haha.

Sorry, this wasn't a really good photo that shows just how cute the bracelet is. The crystals catch a lot of light and are so pretty! ♥!! The crystal shapes and pearls make me feel girlie and young LOL. I'm almost afraid to wear it actually because I keep thinking that I'll scratch it up. :x

I missed it the first time Steph posted some lemon quartz pieces so I couldn't resist and bought these adorable earrings too. I've been loving golds and yellows lately. ^^

I'm.. not sure why I wanted to show flash and no flash. But anyway, please excuse the crappy photography and ear lol.
After I got my package, Steph posted MORE things I wanted. Agh. I can't continue to splurge like this when my vacation is coming up.. I hope she'll have those pieces again when I can buy more. :D I don't know if she'll see this.. but Steph, thanks for your amazing work! Can't wait to see more! ♥

    • Jess
    • August 25, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Yay, DSK Jewelry is just awesome! I wanted the Lemon Quartz earrings too, but it was already sold out when I saw them! They look gorgeous on you!

  1. Reene I was searching for a pair of my earrings on google and your picture popped up! :D haha your photos are truly amazing!!! :)

    Thank you for such sweet words :D

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