thanks, steph!

So I was kicking myself for not picking up Chanel Nail Varnish in Mistral when I saw it in stores. I had told myself, "Eh. You got too many pink nail polishes. Pass." When I saw swatches of it online I /facepalmed. I totally regretted it.

Steph to the rescue! She was selling hers (amongst many other items) on her blog. I thought about it for two minutes.. I thought someone else might have snatched it already because I saw the post a few days late. But I got it! :D!!! And look at how she included candy with it and a little handwritten note. So cute. :) Thanks, Steph!

  1. Hey! :) Glad you got it safely ^_^
    I love your blog by the way! Looking at the Burberry Beauty line makes my eyes dazzle!

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