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Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you haven't forgotten me yet lol. I wish I had more time to devote to my blog, but my current living situation makes it really difficult. So hopefully it will change soon (like.. next year or something would be GREAT!), and I'll be able to blog a lot more (if I don't get sucked back into WoW that is.. :3). ^^V For now, here is a quick post on my Tartan Tale haul (this was done in multiple trips over the course of several weeks).

I was really excited about Tartan Tale when I saw KarlaSugar's swatches, but when I got to a counter I kind of lost interest in a few things I thought I'd like. Maybe that's just me trying to convince myself to not buy things lol. I like the packaging of this collection much more than that of Venomous Villains.

6 Dashing Lassie and Pearlglide Eyeliners. Sorry, I took a picture of the actual tips of the eyepencils, but it came out super blurry. It's not too important anyway. The swatch is there!

Lately, I've been really into neutrals. I can't help but buy every taupe I can get my grubby paws on, which is why I couldn't ignore Dashing Lassies. Dashing Lassies eye shadow palette was the first item in the collection that I had my eye on because of Magical Mist. I also thought I would get the Beauties Play It Cool palette just because of Magical Moore, but.. I like Magical Mist more and I figured that I liked the other shades in Dashing Lassies more than the others in Beauties Play it Cool. It wouldn't be worth it to pay $35 just for that tiny square of Magical Moore, would it? .. Well, I've done crazier things lol.

The Pearlglide eyeliners are so awesome! Sadly, they do smudge on me, but then again everything usually does! Lord It Up was my favorite one out of the bunch. I wanted Undercurrent too, but it was sold out at the store I was at. It's probably too late to try to get it now, but if I could, I'd get that and Petrol Blue. I wish these eyeliners were permanent and available in every color imaginable because they are SO SMOOTH. Seriously. No tugging at all; they are so creamy. It's just a shame that they are not usable on the waterline due to the glitter particles.

A Triumphant Blush Face Kit

I passed on the pink cheek set because I already had Oh So Fair and Dame. In retrospect, I could have gotten it since I like both of them, but I'm usually not the sort of person to buy backups of stuff even if I really like it. So I got the peachy cheek set instead since I had none of those colors. I tried to take so many pictures of this, but Melba came out looking pink in each one. This is probably the best one for the other two. Out of the three blushes, I like Peachtwist the most. I haven't quite wrapped my head around how to use Smooth Harmony yet. Speaking of blushes, Fuz spoke very highly of Highland Honey, which is a blush single in this collection. I wanted it at first, but I thought it was a bit too similar to Utterly Game (from Fabulous Felines). So I figured I could skip Highland Honey.

The Swinging Violets Mineralized Kit

Okay, for some reason when I got to this point, I started taking photos out of sequence and combined individual items with items in the kit like a stupid. My apologies if the rest of this post is confusing.

When I saw Karla Sugar's swatches for the Nordstrom exclusive Mineralized set, I totally drooled. The Earthly Riches Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo is a must have! I love both colors! I've been meaning to try out MAC Paint Pots as well, so the one in the kit (Bare Study) came at a good time. I have to say that while I like the color of Bare Study, the texture was not what I was expecting. It felt a little too.. dry and tacky. Will have to experiment a little more with it. The Icescape Lip Glass is a little shimmery, but the color is cute. I haven't tried out the mascara yet, but I probably won't as any non-waterproof mascara is asking for trouble (will melt into panda eyes in no time no matter how gorgeous the application..). I'm considering picking up the other kits too..

I planned on skipping the eyeshadow singles, but it was hard to drag myself away from Glamora Castle. I know other bloggers complained about the pigmentation of these singles. While I see where they're coming from, I thought Glamora Castle was fine in that regard. While I was at it, I also picked up A Wish Come True. It's not an eyeshadow color I normally go for because I'm always afraid I'll make myself look like I've got pink eye, but I figured if anything I could wear it sheered it out as a blush.

Out of all the lippies, I loved Faerie Glen the most. It's a nice beige pink that looks natural on my lips. It pulls a little more beige than pink on me, but it's a really nice color. I always apply any lipstick sheerly though. It just looks kind of weird on me if I do a full opaque lip. Cut a Caper was a little scary looking in the tube, but is actually sheer so it wears very easily on the lips.

Phew. So after all that's said and done, I still wound up with a lot of stuff lol. MAC has been really impressing me lately. Or maybe since I'm a beauty blogger now (I know, I barely post enough to have that honor) that I'm more in tune with MAC collections. Who knows?! If you haven't picked up any Tartan Tale yet, but want to, you might still be able to at any MAC counter. Whenever I stroll by, it looks like a lot is still available. The only items you might have trouble getting are the Pearlglide Eyeliners and maybe the Highland Honey blush. I can't wait to see Cham-Pale tomorrow (my wallet is already weeping in the corner)!

Happy Holidays! Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and be happy. ^^

    • gyc
    • December 26, 2010 at 3:18 PM

    great haul, great swatches, great review and happy belated christmas ^^

    • Anonymous
    • March 4, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    the best beauty investment I have made was buying the tartan tale loose pigments in cool.

    I have no regrets.

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