review: rouge bunny rouge eyeshadows

Pardon the dust on the boxes. Not quite sure how they got so dingy looking.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a high quality Russian cosmetics brand. I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying most of their products as they are only available to me via Zuneta and are expensive, but I think I found a new brand to love. I got my Zuneta haul in January and started this post in March. I just never finished it until recently (because I'm a total slacker like that). A lot of posts have been made on RBR lately so my post will probably be boring.

RBR's most popular product (judging by the number of posts on beauty blogs I've seen) is their eyeshadows. So that is where I started. Zuneta had a sale code at the time so I took this opportunity to buy a few things, which I will get to in future posts.

Solstice Halcyon is kind of a darker beige-taupe (if that even makes sense..) to my eye. I'm really awful at describing colors so I don't know why I try sometimes. Hopefully you'll see what I mean through my photos. Zuneta describes it as a "semi-matte mauve beige". This is one of my go-to neutrals appropriate for work or for when I don't feel like trying too hard.

Delicate Hummingbird is a gorgeous color. It's somewhere between purple and taupe (at least to me). Zuneta describes this color as a "cold, dusky sugar-frosted plum iridescent with pink shimmer". I don't really think it is shimmery, but it does have a pretty sheen. This was the shadow that drew me to RBR in the first place. I obsessed over it a little bit like how I did for LMdB's Corinthian. And like Corinthian, I adore the color, but I find myself not reaching for it as much as a softer neutral like Solstice Halcyon or LMdB's Jojo.

Both shadows are pigmented and smooth. I always have to use an eyelid primer because of my oily lids, so I can't speak for their claim of "extended 8-hour wear". But I personally get over 10 hours of no-creasing with a primer like UDPP. The packaging is simple, yet whimsical. At the price of about $28US, RBR shadows are not cheap. However, I think they live up to the hype and are thus worthwhile to get. The only bad thing about these shadows is how difficult they are to find and purchase. I like Zuneta a lot, but I wish I could easily find RBR at Sephora to play with.

Are you tired of my eyeshadow reviews yet? I promise I'll have other things to blog about. Although.. I really do love eyeshadows..

  1. I never tire of eye shadow reviews! Lol. I love these shadows so much it's like addiction! Sick, I say but I can't help it! I have solstice but I think mine looks more grated taupe? I need to really look at it. I need the hummingbird for sure. The cat bird is my fab of them all! Thanks once again for the very pretty pics xx

  2. First of all, great post. You know that I already have SH and now I want DH really, really badly too. It's a shame that Zuneta seems to be OOS on a lot of their eye shadows, I guess we can take that as a good sign that they are that good. You surprised me with DH - I didn't expect it to be that dark, but I still love it! Thanks! I just cannot resist their buttery softness.

  3. i like the one in delicate hummingbird!! <3

    • Rinny
    • June 4, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    The packaging is really pretty! I love both the colors - I'm a really big fan of neutral shades :)

  4. I have and love both of these. I think Delicate Hummingbird is probably my favourite but, like you, I don't wear it as often as I should. I think I'm an oddball as although I'd like to be able to see all of the colours in person, I'm kind of glad that RBR is a bit niche! Having said that, I have decided that I need to plan a romantic European weekend away at some point to a Country that has a counter. My husband will be thrilled, I'm sure ;)

    • reene
    • June 5, 2011 at 10:03 AM

    @Merriment, Oookay you asked for it..! lol. I still have a lot of eyeshadows I want to review. I'm getting catbird for sure! I'm gonna have to take out stuff from my order, but catbird is staying!

    @Devoted, I really should use DH more often.. I think I still put LMdB on a higher pedestal, but RBR is not too far behind them on my list.

    @Jennifer, It's really pretty! I think it's the prettiest purple I own.

    @Rinny, I love the packaging. There aren't too many brands that come to mind who have packaging so incredibly simple, yet still playful and unique. Maybe I just haven't seen enough yet haha.

    @Modesty, I can see your point about niche brands. I'm just a little scared of ordering something without trying it out first. Photos online vary so much. A European romantic getaway sounds lovely.. especially if it involves going to a RBR counter! (I can see my boyfriend rolling his eyes already.) I think the beauty blogger world would adore and worship you for counter/swatch photos should you decide to go. ^_~

    Thank all you ladies for stopping by and making my day. ^^

    • Blair
    • June 5, 2011 at 10:14 PM

    Please keep your eyeshadow reviews coming, I'll never ever tire of them! The first item that I look at when a new collection pops up is eyeshadow haha~

    I love both colours although Solstice Halcyon might be a tad too warm for me.

  5. Wow the presentation is so beautiful! They kind of remind me of the rock and republic cases.

    • Anonymous
    • June 8, 2011 at 9:30 PM

    Omg, you totally ignited the fire within with these swatches! They remind me vaguely of a NARS duo but I'm sure the quality will definitely surpass whatever I have.

    I love the pictures that you take (clear, color accurate) and your LMDB swatches are *phew* I'll see if my wallet survives the hit by Lunasol Fall palettes and go stalk Zuneta.

    P.S. Have you fallen for the RBR lippies?

    • reene
    • June 12, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    @Blair, I always look at eyeshadows first too! I'm not sure why.. I'll never be able to use them all up lol.

    @Irene, R&R packaging is a bit more elaborate and edgy in my opinion. I love both of them though!

    @iariaee, Lunasol fall palettes look soooo pretty in photos! I'm having trouble deciding which one(s) to get. I'm a little afraid I'll end up with all of them. :x As for the RBR lippies, I have yet to try one. I took them out of my cart to cut the total down at the last second. :( I want to try them eventually though!

    • Caro
    • June 13, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    how cute the packages are!
    in do absolutely like colors like those at the moment, i wish i could get them as well, haha :D

  6. I love DH, the color is actually very unique! This will definitely be in my order. BTW I passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you!

    • Anonymous
    • June 13, 2011 at 9:28 PM

    Heh, did you get anything from their Summer collection? A friend mentioned that the palettes in Summer '11 (I got EX-01: a neutral, there's also EX-02: a blue) are the best palettes in terms of pigmentation and quality that Lunasol has put out so far, and I have to agree!

    I just swatched the Regard Signe de Chanel quad from the Byzance de Chanel and it is going home with me. Again, hands down the best quality quad I ever seen from Chanel. Totally a different thing altogether from their regular quads and releases. The shadows are so soft and buttery and pigmented *rambles*

    You and me both (and another friend who's a total collector about Lunasol) are gonna cry when the Fall collection is released. I know I will be picking up the palettes from Lunasol and most definitely, Chanel.

    • Jenny
    • June 14, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    you have such unique taste in makeup! i always learn about new brands from you ^^! i really like these neutral colors! what are your favourite taupe and brown colors??

    • Jenny
    • June 14, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    oh i forgot to mention, i really want the house of harlow cocktail ring too but i thought about when i can actually wear it...definitely not to work lol, so i justified myself out of the purchase! (although deep down i still want it! lol)

    • reene
    • June 16, 2011 at 8:40 PM

    @Caro, My BF gets annoyed at me because I always gravitate towards the same color family. He thinks it's a waste of money. I think it's worth it because it makes me happy that I own so many different nuances of a color. Maybe I'm just a weirdo..

    @ProductDoctor, Thank you for the nomination! I think some other sweet blogger nominated me for this award too before, but I just haven't had the chance to do something about it. :x I'll get to it, I swear! Thank you thank you!

    @iariee, I heard too that the summer palettes are really good. I'm sooo tempted to get the neutral palette. Fall is going to be a painful, painful season for my wallet. Lunasol, Chanel, and Guerlain just off the top of my head.. gorgeous upcoming collections. Sigh~

    @Jenny, My favorite?? Agh that's a tough question.. It would depend on the day and my mood lol. I use LMdB's Champagne pencil and Jojo really often. I have what feels like a drawer full of taupes, but for whatever reason keep reaching for those.. I like large statement jewelry pieces, but I find more and more that I prefer cute, dainty jewelry. I don't own much jewelry though admittedly. I should do a post on some of it maybe..!

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